The Project Server Maestro has been awarded MVP for 7th time!!!!!!!

This year Michael Wharton has been awarded the MVP (Microsoft Valuable Professional) for 7th in category of Office Apps and Services.  Most of the community work has been with Project.  Microsoft only awards Project MVP to roughly twenty-five people in the world for their outstanding contributions to the project and project server community. Only a quarter of the MVP are located in the United States.  Michael's contributes to the TechNet forums, his many project implements for a variety of clients and his blogs have been recognized as incredible achievements in the project community.  Check out his blog at It contains his field notes and tricks and tips for using project and project server. 

When looking for a Microsoft SharePoint/Project Server consultant; look for consultant that actually uses project server in his business and when deploying project server.  Someone who understands the whole picture of a PMO and can pull together all the pieces for implementation. The project server maestro understand project management, business strategy, technical requirements for installation and configuration, engineering processes and training staff for implementation.  Pulling it al together that promotes cultural adoption within the organization.

Wharton Computer Consulting, Inc. has been serving the Triad community providing project management and software consulting services for large and small companies since 1997. We have been helping companies implement project server 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and now 2019.  Our expertise includes all phases of deployment from requirements gathering to configuration and deployment.  We guarantee to g‚Äčet your company up and running in 10 days using the following method. 

Are you ready for Project Server 2019?

We been running Project Server 2003 since the beta bits and have already performed over fifty installations in the lab.  We have built PowerShell scripts to make the installation easier and documented.  Did you know that Project Server 2019 has several new security permissions available, or that workflow 2013 is not built into Project Server 2019 or that claims mode is the default mode for site collections.  Look to us first when moving to the latest version of Project Server 2019.   We provide guidance to your IT staff in getting it right the first time.

SharePoint/Project server environments for TEST and QA in Azure IaaS

Testing and QA are important and expensive for SharePoint and Project Server.  Save money by using Microsoft Azure IaaS by using TEST and QA environments in Azure.  The environment are turned off and on as needed; and thus you only pay when your using them.  Big cost savings here!!!

Over 15 Migrations from Project Server 2003 to Project Server 2019

Each migrations comes with hidden issues that may not have been documented or found on Google. Or perhaps you read the migration steps and glaze over topics that aren't fully understand. Our experience with past migrations will have those answers for you. We can be the Maestro with organizing your migration between the SQL server folks, the network engineers, the window server engineers, security officers and the PMO and make the migration smooth and successful.

PMO and Project Server Health Check

After implementing project server in your PMO and its been running for a year or two, it is a good idea to have unbiased evaluation of how well project server is working.  The PMO and Project Server Health Check reviews current processes and procedures in the PMO, identifies areas that could be improved and makes recommendations on how to improve ineffective processes.  After doing over twenty five installations and configuration, I can rate how well project server is being utilized in the PMO.  What are the next steps for your PMO and how to get there.

Standing up Project Server in Production in 10 Days! Guarantee!

Day 1: Audit and general business requirements gathering.  Day one I meet with key people and discuss high level requirements, business objectives and strategy.  Talk with IT department to understand architect of network and servers for hosting project server.  And finally determine SharePoint strategy for implementing Project Server.

Day 2: Installation of Production and Test Project Server.  Work with IT department to install both development and production SharePoint and Project Server environments.  Load training project server database for training.

Day 3 thru 5: 3 days of Microsoft Server training.  During the training we learn all the features of project server and continue to gather requirements of how the tool can be configured for your organization.  These three days require that decision makers are included in the training, so as your organizations learn how the tool works, decisions can be made on how project server is to be configured to meet your needs.

Day 6: I document four basic PMO cycles for your organization, which include the Project Life Cycle, the Assignment Cycle, the Approval Cycle and finally the Project Management Cycle.  The Project Life Cycle is how your company currently develops projects and is used as the foundation for snapping in project server.  The other three cycle are new cycles that are used for managing projects.

Day 7: A prototype is configured based on previous requirements gathering meeting.  We build prototype based on how many companies have configured project server.  We can tweak this during the prototype validation.

Day 8:  Walk thru of project server configuration prototype and validation.  Key personal determine that processes are acceptable for their organization.

Day 9:  Using the project server prototype, key members walk thru a 4 hour simulation of using project server and validate with real hands on experience.  The four hour simulation we represent four weeks of all the cycles discussed in day six.

Day 10: Final touches and begin production (or pilot) of Microsoft Project Server.  Identify projects, import projects and provide two hour overview for team members on how they will enter time into project server.

Portfolio Management and Resource Demand

Managing COSTS, SCHEDULES and RESOURCES is more critical now than ever with today's economy.  Project server 2010 provides tools and process for companies to perform better with their planning, execution and monitoring of projects.  When used properly management can make informed decisions on how to manage costs, keep projects on schedule and balance the workload on resources.

See how portfolio management can be used to select projects based on your business strategy.  Which projects are the best for driving your business?

Project Portfolio Management

We are currently looking for companies and cities interested in implementing portfolio management using Microsoft Project Server 2010.  This is a great opportunity for organizations to get up to speed with concepts of portfolio management and be part of the new book that I am writing.  Contact me for a demo of portfolio management using Microsoft Project Server 2010 beta.

Remote Project Coaching Services

Project managers need to spend their time managing projects.  They don't have to be experts in using Microsoft project and you don't need to have hire support staff.  Our remote project coaching services allow you to have an expert available at all times. We coach you thru the different processes for managing your project using Microsoft Project Professional.  A great way to learn-as-you-go! Call for details!

Microsoft Project Server Consulting Services

Take your company to the next level with managing projects. If your Project Management Office (PMO) is mature and ready, then a Microsoft Project Server can automate your project processes. Microsoft Project Server manages your project plans, resource management and processes in one central location. Over the past years, Microsoft Project Server 2016 has become a leader in PMIS systems.  Call for a demo of the product and see how project server can help your company manage projects, resources and costs. 

Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Services

SharePoint and Project Server go hand-in-hand. SharePoint is an integrated part of project server.  Once you step up to project server, you will want to take advantage of all the features in SharePoint. We provide SharePoint Architecture and consulting for both MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Services) and SharePoint Foundation. Office automation, document management, team collaboration, search engines, blogs and wikis are some of the many portals that help your company with manage and find its business data. Call for a demo and see how they can be used to make your company more efficient.