Microsoft SharePoint Server Architect

SharePoint architecture is getting a lot of attention. Is it a silver bullet? We think not! It is surely critical to today's business success, yet it requires technical, business and organizational talents that warrant their own path of career development, education and research.

SharePoint architects communicate mainly with business owners within a company and with the technical staff that delivers the solution. The projects they work on affect the enterprise and they design the solution to take advantage of the existing assets, integrate them into the existing environment, follow the enterprise architecture, and solve the business problems of the business owner or unit. They are primarily responsible for taking a project through envisioning and design, and are more consultative to the project manager during the development and deployment phases, ensuring the project stays true to the architecture, timelines, and budgets. If problems occur, they are escalated to the solutions architect.

SharePoint Services Offered

  • SharePoint Planning and Design - Bringing real project experience to the table in planning and designing a SharePoint farm and sites.
  • SharePoint Server Installation and Configuration - Installing and configuring MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Servers), SharePoint Foundation servers or WSS 3.0 the right way requires knowledge of networks, databases and project management practices.
  • SharePoint Server Deployment - Defining a SharePoint pilot and running thru the workflows is critical for ensuring that the right SharePoint configuration is in place for your organization.
  • SharePoint Support - We make the lives of SharePoint users easier by assuming administrative chores for SharePoint administrative tasks and ensure that SharePoint is running smoothly.
  • SharePoint Consulting and Mentoring - As your staff becomes familiar with SharePoint, we provide remote support to help develop administrator's skills while on the job.
  • SharePoint Training - We use the Microsoft Official Curriculum courses for our training. We train the MOC 5060 (Implementing Windows SharePoint Services 3.0) and MOC 5061 (Implementing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007), MOC 450047 Advanced IT Pro Course for Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007.
  • SharePoint Customizations - We customize SharePoint as features for deployments.
  • SharePoint Web Parts - We develop custom SharePoint web parts, create project workflows or integrate SharePoint server data with LOB (Line of business).
  • SharePoint Migrations - SharePoint migrations from SharePoint 2.0, 3.0, MOSS 2007 and up to SharePoint 2010.